ASUS Ultrabook Arriving Soon In New York City On October 11

ASUS Ultrabook is the finest laptop. ASUS will release this Ultrabook on this October 11th in New York. Counting has already begun at their official Website. Only 14 days left to release this finest laptop from ASUS. This is thinner & lightest new classic silver surface designed laptop. They can challenge redefine windows laptop & Macbooks for its attractive looks & classic design.

ASUS Ultrabook Releasing Soon

They appear to line up pretty closely to the MacBook Air (1.6GHz i5 in the UX 21, 1.7GHz i5 in the UX 31 with optional 1.8GHz i7). The use of a faster 6Gb/s SSD will be the “surprise” (it’s already been reported). ASUS will want to advertise that it’s thinner, lighter, faster, and cheaper than the MacBook Air.

We are eagerly waiting for their market release. Good things come to those who wait, so wait for this Ultrabook release from ASUS.

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