Colorware MacBook Air

Colorware is a company with the concept of transforming the ubiquitous beige computer into a custom-colored work of art and Colorware customizes MacBook Air 2010.Now you can bring beautiful colors to your Apple MacBook Air by ColorWare……

Move your style anywhere with the MacBook Air, which is now available in your choice of colors. ColorWare offers a variety of color options to let you choose your favorite combination.In the easy to use ColorWare design studio, we can help you find the perfect color scheme, while viewing the product however you like. You can browse everything from photos and videos to interactive 360 images.The MacBook Air gives you exceptional power and portability.So whether you want the 11.6-inch or 13-inchversion with a compact design, ColorWare can give your laptop the look it deserves.

Features :

  • ColorWare Custom MacBook Air
  • Coloring the logo removes backlighting
  • Power Adapter with AC power cord
  • Laptop Battery
  • Operating System restoration DVDs
  • Chip Chick

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