Google Advertises Chromebook On Chrome Web Browser

If you are a regular Chrome user, you must have noticed a little, yellow dialogue-box appear on the top of your Chrome web browser everytime you open it. It’s nothing offensive or glaringly bold, just a little ad at the top of the default page. Although Google has vowed that it won’t use the browser to make money, apparently Chromebook Black Friday deals need customers right now.

The ads are about Google’s Chromebook which is on special holidays sales. In case you were about the miss the opportunity, Google has ensured that you don’t!

Ads or no ads?
Google has long tried to keep the home-pages of it’s applications and websites rather clean. An evident example is that of which has only recently starting taking ads. And those ads are pretty neat, small ads tucked at a side so as not to mess with the general outlook of the page. Seems like Google is applying the same strategy with the advertisement on it’s Chrome browser. And let’s just admit that there’s nothing wrong with it really. With the speed and functionality Chrome’s browser provides, I think it’s quite fair that Google may run a few ads now and then on it. After all, if it started running ads on it all the time, it has every right to do that and if it doesn’t, that’s quite generous of it.

However, the main strength for Google has been, in the past, and will continue to be, in the opportunity to promote it’s Web apps and other products through the web browsers. The ads may come now and then but they are only of secondary importance to the company.

Image courtesy slgckgc.
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