Google Chrome OS Is Far Behind To Stir Any Competition With Windows

Google has been very successful with the Android in mobile OS market. However, Chrome OS hasn’t been very successful in stirring competition in the market. It is yet to be competitive enough to stand a chance against major operating systems from Microsoft or Apple. Taiwan-based notebook ODMs and vendors expect Google’s Chrome OS to be struggling for the next 1-2 years to gain a competitive edge against Windows.


Although Google and its OEM partner Acer claimed that Chromebooks are selling better-than-expected the total number of Chromebook sold so far is about 500,000 units only. That means, Chrome OS have less than 1% share of the notebook market. It seems like the Chrome OS and the devices sporting it both need a lot of improvements as well as change in usage habits of consumers to gain enough traction against Windows-based notebooks in market. However, sources believe, the strategy to integrate Google’s various web apps “may not have a significant effect on the IT industry in the short term.”

Source: Digitimes

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