Google’s Chromebooks Available June 15th

Probably one of the most anticipated announcements from this year’s Google I/O was the unveiling of the Chrome OS based notebook called, Google Chromebooks.  Partnering with Samsung and Acer, Google has introduced a true cloud computing machine.  Starting June 15th the long awaited Google Chromebook, will be available to the public.  This will be everyone’s first real taste of Google’s Chrome OS.


The Chromebooks are built around Google’s revolutionary Chrome OS, and while they are mostly web based machines, they can still serve as a normal laptop in a sense.  At todays keynote address Google showed off some of the new updated features in their Chrome OS.  They include a new built-in file manager, media player, and new VPN support.  All of these features will be available on the new Chromebooks when they are released.

The Chrome OS notebooks or “Chromebooks” are designed to give you fast access to the web.  With an 8 second boot time and instant resume, the Chromebooks will give almost immediate access to all your favorite websites and web apps.  They will also come with built-in WiFi and/or 3G access to give the user an always-on connection.  3G models include a free 100 MB per month of mobile data from Verizon Wireless.

Google also promises that this will be the most secure device and operating system available, with all the securtiy features built from the ground up.  To keep your Chromebook running smooth, Google will automatically update Chrome OS every few weeks.  Users will not have to worry about checking for, or installing any security or performance patches whatsoever.  That’s a big plus in my book.  Google also promises over time the overall performance of your Chromebook will improve, significantly.  This will all be done by simply turning on your Chromebook and connectng to the internet.

Now some of the price points.  Samsung will offer two versions of the Chromebook.  A WiFi only model, and a WiFi and 3G model.  They will cost $429 and $499 respectivly.  Acer is offering a WiFi only model for a more reasonable $349.  All models will be available starting on June 15 They will all be available at either Best Buy or Amazon, and will launch in the U.S. and six European countries (U.K., France, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and Italy).

In the meantime you can signup for any new Chromebook announcements and news at  Oh yeah, those lucky I/O attendees will all be getting a free Chromebook when they become available next month.  Stay tuned to for all of your Chromebook and Chrome OS news.

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