HP Mini 210-2080NR Netbook

One of the pioneer of laptop and computer manufacturer,HP has unboxed a new product named HP Mini 210-2080nr netbook.HP Mini 210-2080nr netbook is occupied with some magnificent features including 10.1 inches of diagonal flush glass display and 250 GB Serial ATA hard drive. This HP Mini 210-2080nr netbook also has Wi-Fi connectivity.


Enjoy Web browsing and entertainment with an ultra-portable netbook. The HP Mini 210-2075NR has integrated Broadcom HD Decoder video graphics that let you stream high-definition videos without using a lot of power. Watch videos, view photos and edit documents on the 10.1-inch diagonal flush glass display. Type with ease using the island-style keyboard and get fast access to email, IM and social networking sites. Plus, use the integrated webcam and microphone on this HP netbook to video chat with family and friends across the globe. With a charcoal finish, the HP Mini 210-2075NR is a great choice for anyone. Transfer photos from a memory card to your netbook using the 5-in-1 digital media reader. Built-in Wi-Fi lets you browse the Web from any room and on the go without using cables. You can also store important files on the 250GB hard drive and connect this HP netbook to an MP3 player, digital camera or external optical drive easily using one of the USB ports.


# 10.1 inches of diagonal flush glass display
# 1GB DDR2 SDRAM memory
# Intel Atom Processor
# 250 GB Serial ATA hard drive
# Built-in Wi-Fi
# MP3 player
# Digital camera
# USB ports
# 5-in-1 digital media card reader

The new HP Mini 210-2080NR netbook is now available in the US market. Amazon is currently selling the HP Mini 210-2080NR netbook in the US for only $339.99 with free shipping.

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