New Leaked Label Details Specs Of Upcoming 15-inch MacBook Pro

We recently reported about a purportedly leaked label that detailed the specifications of the upcoming model of 13-inch MacBook Pro. And now, yet another label has surfaced which now claims to contain detailed specifications of the 15-inch model of upcoming MacBook Pro.

The details revealed by this label are somewhat the same as were divulged about 13-inch  MacBook Pro. For instance, the label says that the machine features a higher resolution display and USB 3.0.

What is interesting is that the thickness as well as the weight of the upcoming 15-inch MacBook Pro is claimed to be lower, in this label. It apparently will have a thickness of 0.74 inches, whereas the current model is 0.95 inches thick. Also, the weight of the machine will be 4.7 pounds while the current model weighs 5.6 pounds.

The resolution is being pinned at 2560 x 1600 which is definitely going to be a treat for the eyes, being juiced up by Intel HD Graphics 4000. What is almost unbelievable is that one of the two MacBook Pro models will feature a whopping 16GB of 1600MHz DD3 RAM together with 750 GB of HD and an AMD Radeon HD 7770M graphics processor.

Other features specified on the label include HD FaceTime camera, Bluetooth 4.0, Thunderbolt port, SDXC card slot, Ethernet port and FireWire. It is being rumored that the upcoming model of MacBook Pro is going to cost somewhere about $3,000, a huge price tag. But now, considering the claimed specs on this label, this doesn’t sound too off the mark, if indeed they are the real deal.

Source: 9to5mac

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