Pegatron Forced By Apple To Stop Production Of Asustek Zenbook

Pegatron is one of Apple’s chief manufacturers for MacBook Air. Incidentally, Pegatron also produces Asustek’s Zenbook. There are a whole lot of similarities in the look and design of the two notebooks. That of course disgruntles Apple who likes to keep it’s design and the looks of it’s devices, exclusive and protected. And so now, Apple has told Pegatron to choose between the two. With things going pretty well with Apple’s MacBook Air, it’s natural that Pegatron has chosen to side with MacBook Air and will stop production of Zenbook soon.

Although Pegatron is still producing Zenbook for Asustek, it will cease to do so by the end of March. The consequence for Asustek will be that it will have to shift it’s production to some other manufacturer. The expected candidates for Zenbook production are Compal Electronics or Wistron.

The fact that Pegatron sees it’s partnership with Apple as more lucrative is further bolstered by the fact that according to reports, it has landed an order of the production of iPhone devices too. And at this pace, it is being expected that soon Pegatron will also be actively involved in the production of iPad devices. With volume of each of these devices hitting millions per quarter, Pegatron definitely has a huge opportunity. And who would waste it against a scarcely sold notebook as Zenbook.

Image courtesy ecoustics.

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