The Thinnest Ultrabook on the Market to be Presented by Acer at CES

The 2012 edition of Consumer Electronics Show is bound to introduce a set of new impressive products. After the world’s thinnest tablet, announced by Toshiba, Acer let everybody know that the company developed the thinnest ultrabook. Acer Aspire S5, is only 15 mm slim, measured at its maximal point and it weights 1.35 kg. Acer’s record breaking ultrabook has a LCD display of 13.3-inch (34 cm).

In addition to the impressive thinness, Acer Aspire S5 features company owned technologies like “Acer Green Instant On” that allows fast boot and resume and also “Acer Always Connec” described by the company as a feature allowint the users to “manage their multimedia and data on all their devices at anytime, anywhere — even from sleep.”

Jim Wong, president of Acer Inc, explained that the company is focused on developing the new and improved ultrabooks, since this is the trend for the future, expected to become the mainstream for mobile PCs and Acer intends to be there when the customers are looking for the next generation devices.

Besides, the powered packed inside, Acer Aspire 5S is a treat for the eyes, with its sleek appearance and the “delicately curved chassis in Onyx Black, the Aspire S5’s cover rim wraps around the system body like a protective shell.”

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