Toshiba Satellite R800 Series Consumer Notebook

Toshiba has officially announced the new Satellite R800 series laptop that consists of three consumer notebooks. They are the Toshiba Satellite R830, the Toshiba Satellite R840 and the Toshiba Satellite R850. Toshiba claim that, “all of them will offer an attractive blend of mobility, power, configuration, durability and price.


* 13.3-inch display screen and magnesium alloy casing (Toshiba Satellite R830)
* 14-inch display and new High Stiffness Resin chassis (Toshiba Satellite R840)
* 15.6-inch display with the same High Stiffness Resin casing (Toshiba Satellite R850)
* Powered by a second-generation Intel Core processor
* Up to 8GB of memory, and up to 640GB HDD (or SSD)
* Equipped with DVD burner, Bluetooth 3.0, and USB 3.0 ports
* 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, and VGA webcam
* Multi-card reader, HDMI output, and large multi-gesture touchpad
* Gigabit Ethernet as well as an eSATA port
* VGA, HDMI or DisplayPort video outputs and a Tecra docking connector
* Estimated battery life up to 8 and a half hours for the 13.3-inch Satellite R830
* Eight hours of battery life without requiring a recharge (Toshiba Satellite R840 & R850)

The Toshiba Satellite R800 Series consumer notebooks will be available throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa in Q2 2011.


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  1. Mike Thompkin

    This could be the flagship notebook offer by Toshiba. More than enough for day to day usage and the screen is large enough. All stuff are grade A except the touchpad. It is so hard to scroll along and lucky enough that I found a matt textured touchpad skin from and instantly fix the the problem. Not just easy to scroll yet protective from polished defect. 

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