LG introduces RoboKing vacuum with Self Voice Over Diagnostic

LG announced a new Vacuum Robot with the VR6172LVM. LG RoboKing vacuum bot can self-diagnose, ask for help after colliding with your Roomba. Beside the usual and basic autonomous vacuuming thingy and low noise design (48dB) this Vacuum Robot comes with a new Self Voice Over Diagnostic features called “Smart Diagnostic”.


The newest RoboKing the VR6172LVM will set you back 779,000 Won (around $730), and apparently sports a low noise 48dB design. Most intriguing to us, however, is the bot’s ability to run diagnostics at the press of a button, enunciating its ailments if any one of the fourteen testable components are in-fact broken.

LG is gonna go up against the mighty iRobot, their product better be GOOD at sucking crumbs up. And when the most touted feature about the damn thing is a self-diagnostic feature, well, I just don’t know about that. But it’s not like it matters, because this thing probably won’t see the light of day outside Korea.

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