Plextor M2 SATA III SSDs

Plextor M2 line of SATA III-packing SSDs available now for stateside purchase.Plextor’s M2 Series SSD is one of the first to support SATA 6Gb/s and one of the fastest SSDs in the market…….

Plextor LLC a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance digital media equipment, announces the immediate U.S. availability of its new M2 Series SSD. Supporting the latest SATA 6Gb/s, the M2 Series SSD is currently one of the fastest SSDs available in the market. Utilizing a Marvell 88SS9174 controller, this 2.5 inch SSD is available in three capacities: 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.The 128GB and 256GB models each provide sequential read rate up to 480MB/s and sequential write rate up to 330MB/s, allowing users to read and transfer data much faster compared to other SSDs with SATA II interface. Plextor’s Instant Restore technology and Dynamic Wear Leveling algorithm along with Windows 7 TRIM command support.M2 Series SSD is able to manage memories ever so efficiently to overcome the performance loss typically associated with prolonged usage. Plextor M2 SATA III SSDs also featured is a 128MB DDR3 cache buffer esulting in even faster response times for consumers. The large cache also helps ensures each drive will provide reliable and sustained performance over time. The M2 Series SSD is available now with the following MSRPs: 64GB ($179.99), 128GB ($329.99) and 256GB ($699.99).

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