Libratone AirPlay-Enabled Wireless Speakers

Libratone has unleashed two super slick AirPlay compatible speakers designed to pump out audio into your living room in the most inconspicuous of ways and the AirPlay-enabled soundbars want to cozy up with your iOS wares. Belting out 150 watts of sound through five drivers, the Live aims to be an all-in-one, plop-it-down-and-go replacement for a real speaker system and he Libratone Live is expensive as hell, costing almost $2,000. With AirPlay you can set up a multi-room system, streaming to multiple Libratone units simultaneously and with the transmitters you can have the music follow your every step………….


Building on its success within the field of wireless audio, Libratone introduces a high-end AirPlay sound system for the living room. Libratone Lounge combines advanced technology and Scandinavian design to enhance movie and music experiences. The Libratone Lounge is all that’s needed to replace an old hi-fi system. Driven by Apple‘s AirPlay technology, the system allows users to stream music wirelessly from an iDevice or Mac/PC without having to settle for mediocre sound. “Libratone makes sound systems for modern lifestyles. The AirPlay technology taps right into that principle with the freedom to have full control, without speaker cables, and we believe this is the future of sound. That’s why we are one of the first to have embraced this technological leap,” says Fritz Andersen, CEO of Libratone. Additionally Libratone Lounge is designed to bring out the best in TV viewing without turning the living room into a jungle of wires. Volume can also be controlled through the TV remote. Inside the Libratone Lounge, high-end audio components make sure that movies and music sound amazingly crisp. Five dedicated amplifiers based on technology normally only seen in far more expensive systems (up to 150W output) and a Digital Signal Processing unit provides crystal clear sound and a precise bass.


However, the real gem is the patented FullRoom technology that lets the tweeters and midrange drivers disperse sound both forwards and sidewards enabling the Libratone Lounge to recreate sound like an acoustic instrument. The FullRoom technology reflects sound off the room’s walls to provide high quality 360 degree sound, meaning that wherever the listener is in the room, they are always in the ‘sweet spot’. Additionally and contrary to regular compact systems, the soundscape expands at a distance. Libratone Lounge is a made-for-Apple product. This means it connects seamlessly with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. By downloading the Lounge-app users, can strengthen that relationship. The app enhances the sound experience even further by allowing the sound form placement to be adjusted via the AirPlay connection. In other words, Libratone Lounge creates a soundscape that fits specifically to every living room. Just as its predecessor, the Libratone Lounge is a product of the Scandinavian design heritage. With its minimalistic lines and high quality raw materials, it can best be described as a piece of sound furniture. Available in a range of colours, the Libratone Lounge is finished in luxury cashmere wool. “It’s a myth that great sound comes from big, black boxes. It’s a remnant of the ’90s. The Libratone Lounge has the power to be the primary sound source in your home without taking over your living room with wires or a clumsy design,” says Fritz Andersen. Libratone Lounge is available in Apple Online Stores from September 2011, and costs from £1099 and €1199. Also available in the Libratone AirPlay family is Libratone Live – a flexible sound system that adjusts to your lifestyle.





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