Watch 3D Movies On CRT, LCD And LED Monitor

Do you wish to watch 3D movies on CRT, LCD or LED monitor? Then you only need a few things – a 3D converted movie, a 3D glass and a 3D player.

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3D is a greatest invention of new technology. In order to enjoy 3D movies, you have to have a 3D monitor. But 3D monitors are too expensive, so you may not have it. So what? Still you can enjoy 3D movies on your regular CRT, LCD and LED monitor. There are several methods to watch 3D movies. Lets see how you can watch 3D movies on regular CRT, LCD and LED monitors. To get started see the steps below:

3D Movie: Download movies in 3D version, otherwise you won’t be able to get 3D effect. There’s difference between normal movie and 3D movie. Normal movies are captured in one camera, but 3D movies are captured in two cameras, side-by-side. There are some software available too which lets you convert 2D videos into 3D, but that conversion is not as better as real 3D movies. So, we recommend you to download movie in IMAX 3D to get full 3D depth. Note that the size of 3D movie is bigger than normal movie.


3D Player: You can’t play 3D movie in normal player. You have to install 3D supported player like KMplayer, Cyberlink power DVD (new version), VLC (in advance option), 3D Vision Video Player etc. In KMplayer at the left side you will see a logo called 3D. By clicking this you will able to play 3D.

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3D Glass: At last you have to have/buy an anaglyph 3D glass which has two colors – Blue and Red. Note that without a 3D glass, you won’t be able to view 3D objects. So, we highly recommend you to buy a 3D glass from a good brand, because poor 3d glass will harm your eyes.

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Note: When you watch 3D movie in anaglyph method, it spoils the colors. So go to your Display Properties and change all colors and contrast. Make Saturation to around 20 and Contrast to 52. You can also change it the way it suits best to you.

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