66% British Suffer From Nomophobia, Wants To Have A Phone By Their Side 24/7

There is an addiction everything it is said and also to a certain degree everyone is addicted to one thing or another. They may realize their addiction, or they may be oblivion to it, but an addiction exists none the less. For the Brits however, the addiction is to their primary mode of communication, which is a phone or a cellphone. The fear of losing a phone is called nomophobia and around 66% of the British people suffer from this according to a new study conducted by SecurEnvoy, which is a mobile security service, as reported by Venture Beat.

Back in 2008, nomophobia was discovered for the first time. The time is opportune as a lot of mobile devises became common by then and a lot more these days. Nomophobia is essentially defined as a fear of being out of mobile phone contact, which means that even not holding it in one’s hand can lead to such a fear and a frustration happens. Initially, when the researchers found out about such an addiction, not many people who were surveyed suffered from it. But as of now, this fear and addiction is on the increase with more people responding that they do not feel easy without their mobiles.

Although fear and addiction sees no gender or any such differences of age and race, but there is a certain trend that could always be pinpointed to narrow an explanation as to what might cause it. With nomophobia, women are more victims to it than men. Around 71% of the women suffer from it, which is 10% more than men. But the reason they get away from nomophobia is there solution of having two phones at the same time. If they lose one, they always have another to rely on, and just what kind of person will lose both of his phones and under what dire circumstances. Hence, this witty getaway of men keeps them in the balance with nomophobia.

In terms of age, young people are more likely suffering from it than older ones. Not that old age makes people less fearful or careless, but younger people are more energetic and eager which is always hard to compete with for older generation. Those who were surveyed, amongst them 77% of the young people have nomophobia, aged between 18 to 24 years. One can answer two simple questions just to realize whether they are amongst those 77% or not. If you happen to check your phone signal and battery time and again just to see whether all is in shape, then you are nomophobic.

One solution is to carry two phones and the other is to rely on other means of communication too, and not just a phone. Other means like the social media, or may be even learning telepathy, if nothing else works out. However, one relief is that the study has been done by a mobile security company and not from a psychology institute, so one can feel safe that there would be other results too. the opposite of nomophobia is telephonophobia, interestingly, which means you are fearful of talking on the phone.

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