Nokia X Handset Hacked To Run Google Apps

It has been only days since Nokia first unveiled its new Android line-up including the Nokia X handset. A user at the XDA-Developers forum was quick to hack the handset and run Google apps directly on it.

Nokia X hacked

Although it is branded as Android, the Nokia X handset originally isn’t meant to access the Google Play store. Not only that, Nokia has removed many iconic Google apps from the handset and replaced them with apps from Microsoft and Nokia.

As for the apps, Nokia allows its users to access a Nokia-specific app store which contains a huge collection of Android apps from Google Play. Given that, it is understandable that Nokia X users would want to hack the handset to directly run Google apps.

This may not be great for Nokia’s semi-Android strategy, but it will certainly fare well for the smartphone. Nokia X, by default, doesn’t include key Android features such as Gmail, Google Hangouts and even Google Maps. With this hack, users will be able to smoothly run Google apps on Nokia X without any hassles, in turn increasing the possible usefulness of the handset for the consumers.

The best part is that the hack seems super easy. Kashamalaga, the XDA-Developers member who pulled off the hack, has posted a quick guide comprising of six easy steps to accomplish the hack on Nokia X. If you plan on getting your hands on the smartphone, you may want to try the hack for a better Android experience on the new Nokia offering.

Source: XDA-Developers Forum
Courtesy: Digital Trends

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