June 18: Amazon Will Unveil A New Smartphone With 3D Display

Amazon is creating a lot of buzz in the tech press right now. The company has rolled out invitations for a mysterious June 18th event. Most reports confirm that Amazon has readied a smartphone with a 3D display which it will unveil at the event.

Amazon 3D display smartphone

When Amazon launched itself into the tablet market with Kindle Fire, the experts initially treated it as a non-contestant. But the e-retail giant turned out to be quite a success. Now, Amazon is gearing up and hoping for a similar success in the smartphone market. And given the company’s clout, it may well be able to muster another success with this new device.

However, it is not confirmed whether it really is a smartphone that Amazon has in store for the June 18 event. One hint is the teaser video from Amazon which shows people looking at the device and wow-ing. Some of these reactions hint at a 3D interface, with people controlling the display by tilting the device.


This is not the first time reports have claimed that Amazon has plans for a smartphone with 3D display. Similar reports have surfaced in the past as well, but with the video teaser from Amazon, we finally have substantial proof. Amazon has also released an image which shows merely the corner of some device. If June 18 event turns out to be about a smartphone as the reports suggest, this image hints that the handset may pack a rather sleek design.

Still, despite all the buzz that Jeff Bezos has successfully created around this upcoming Amazon release, the new smartphone will have to be really good to blow away the competition from Android and iOS.

Courtesy: The Verge

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