Android 2.0 Screenshot Bonanza

Android 2.0 hasn’t been released or announced yet. But the BGR has already pictured it. And boy it’s a crackerjack.

Android 2.0 Front Panel
Android 2.0 Front Panel

The version is not the final build. But it has already won the hearts of the fans with new features, optimization and a new user interface (UI).

The features of Android 2.0 include:

  • Native Facebook support
  • Integrated Microsoft Exchange support
  • An improved browser
  • Completely updated Map application
  • Unified email inbox
  • YouTube widget for two click uploads
  • ‘Car Home’ application for accesing features easily while driving
  • A complete UI makeover
Integrated Facebook application in Android 2.0
Integrated Facebook application in Android 2.0

Here is the front end of Facebook application for Android 2.0. The new app includes a ‘shake to refresh’ option with regular refresh settings.

MS Exchange application for Android 2.0
MS Exchange application for Android 2.0

The integrated MS Exchange compatibility along with unified email inbox will enable business users to keep track of their emails and contacts effortless. Though the unified inbox will not work with Gmail, which requires a separate application, delivered by Google, to work with.

Upadated Map application for Android 2.0
Upadated Map application for Android 2.0

The new Map application includes layers which can be used to overlay search queries, Wikipedia entries, Latitude buddies, traffic, transit lines, and even load remote My Maps where you can share and receive directions with others, till now.

Car Home application
'Car Home' application

The ‘Car Home’ application is presumably a voice enabled application that will enable the user perform tasks like voice searching the internet, viewing a map, getting directions etc while he or she is driving.

For a complete tour of the screenshots visit Boy Genius Report. [Boy Genius Report]

Image Source:, Boy Genius Report


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