Apple Registers Its Lowest Smartphone Market Share In Three Years

Apple has long enjoyed the position of being the undisputed champion of the smartphone arena. Until now the company was in the lead, in terms of profits, but Samsung has taken away the crown recently along with the crown for sales volume. In the light of the quarterly sales figures for the second quarter, Apple has hit the three-year low in terms of smartphone market share.

smartphone marketshare

Apple didn’t do bad on sales and was able to sell a whopping 31.2 million iPhones. However, this number is much lower than what analysts were originally estimating, due to the rather slow sales of iPhone 5 in more recent months.

At the same time, Samsung has been immensely successful in driving up its sales. The company has released a number of high-end handsets out in the smartphone market. This expanded portfolio has helped Samsung offer a diverse set of smartphones and garner even better sales. According to the company’s quarterly figures, it has been able to sell 72.4 million handsets during the second quarter.

In other words, Samsung sold more than double the number of handsets Apple sold in the same time. A total of 237.9 million smartphones were sold during the period, which puts Samsung’s share at 30.4% while Apple’s share comes down to 13.1%, the lowest number in the past three years.

Meanwhile, LG has occupied the third position with a sales volume of 12.1 million handsets where Huawei has lost the fourth position to Lenovo, which is a rather surprising development. ZTE is at the fifth position, reporting a quarterly sales volume of 10.1 million.

Courtesy: Engadget

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