“Beam” Android projector phone By Samsung

Samsung’s pico projector phone live and in the flesh here at Mobile World Congress. And surprise surprise it’s running Android 2.1 with a TouchWiz 3.0 skin just as we heard. The only difference is the name: Halo is the codename, the official product name announced today is Beam.
For their first projector phone Samsung chose to go with Texas Instruments and their DLP-based pico projector module that was announced at last year’s CES.

The new projector phone by Samsung is actually a working device and it should be available in Korea this year under the Anycall brand meaning it’s not a GSM mobile. It has an OLED display, 5 megapixel camera and runs on the Samsung TouchWiz interface.

The model name of the Samsung projector phone is still a mystery since unlike what other websites are publishing, the SHOW sign on top of the device is not its name but a Korean wireless video service. The same sign can be found on most Anycall SPH handsets.

Along with the mysterious projector phone Samsung also introduced a PMP, dubbed as MBP200. The latter has an integrated DLP projector, too. It also packs a 2.2 inch LCD display, DMB TV tuner and offers video and MP3 support.
projector (made by TI again) is able of projecting images with a 480 x 320 pixels resolution and a size of up to 50 inches. The Samsung MBP200 has up to 16 GB memory on board (via an SD card slot) and sports a built-in speaker and a video input jack.
Watch the demo video…

Source:engadget.com, gsmarena.com


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