BlackBerry 10 Users Don’t Need A Special Data Plan

Before the latest BlackBerry 10 devices was released by RIM (now renamed to BlackBerry), all BlackBerry handsets required a dedicated BlackBerry plan to make use of BB-specific features such as BBM, email etc. Concerns were cited that so may be the case with BlackBerry 10 too, but it has now been confirmed that BlackBerry 10 devices wouldn’t require a special data plan.

BlackBerry Z10

This essentially means that you can choose any of the standard smartphones plans offered by a number of carriers. The plans that work for your iPhone or Android devices will be good enough for BlackBerry 10 devices too. Moreover, such users who are already using a dedicated BlackBerry plan will be able to move it to their Blackberry 10 devices without any hitches.

However, such users who intend to use their BlackBerry 10 devices via a BES10 server, will require a special BlackBerry BES plan. This plan will ensure that you get access to Enterprise Server features such as BlackBerry Balance.

A point of caution for users of earlier BlackBerry models is that the new BlackBerry handsets, namely the Z10 and Q10, require micro SIM. Older BlackBerry models supported regular-sized SIM cards and if you belong in the category, you need to contact your carrier and get a micro-SIM card for the new handset(s).

Of course there’s the crude method of cutting down the regular SIM to size so that it would fit as a micro-SIM card sot, but the method is a hassle and can cause damage to both the SIM and the handset.

Source: CrackBerry

Courtesy: Engadget

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