BlackBerry Offers Secure Work Space For iOS And Android Users

If you are a BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10 user, here are some good news for you. The company is rolling out a new security option which would allow you to make use of the ‘Secure Work Space’ feature, even if you are using an iOS or Android device.


The move clearly shows that with the rather slow growth of BlackBerry’s smartphone market, the company is opening up its trademark features and services to non-BlackBerry users too. However, for now, these features can be utilized by only such users who have subscribed to the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 10.

Given the back-end security that BlackBerry offers to its corporate customers, many users tend to keep a BlackBerry handset for their workplace and an iOS or Android device for their home use. However, with the new development, users no longer have to do so.

The ‘Secure Work Space’ is now available for iOS and Android devices as well. You can easily create two separate spaces for job-related work and personal life on your iOS or Android device, using the new BlackBerry feature. The best part is that the feature comes loaded with all the regular perks – you can tap directly into your work documents, access the integrated email, surf through your calendar and contacts.

In more than one ways, this is a rather smart move by the company. According to BlackBerry’s executive vice president of Enterprise Mobile Computing, David J. Smith, “In today’s ‘bring your own device world,’ Secure Work Space is a differentiated solution that brings key elements of the BlackBerry security platform and mobile device management to iOS and Android devices.”

Courtesy: PC Mag

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