CES 2012: Intel Makes It’s Entry Into Smartphone Market

Intel has long been expected to jump the bandwagon of smartphones. With the smartphone market becoming the most lucrative market around the globe, it was only a matter of time. And now, as expected, Intel has announced at CES 2012 that it will be working with Levono and Motorola Mobility to launch a series of smartphone devices. Intel also launched K800, a smartphone made by Lenovo, using Intel’s Atom Processor and running Google’s Android OS.

The Atom processor used in K800 has previously been used in laptops. Intel claimed that the processor allows high-quality graphics and processing performance. And the smartphone has a longer battery life than that offered by most other smartphone vendors.

Motorola Mobility’s chief  executive said that his company will be working with Intel on a ‘multi-year, multi-device, basis and that soon, in the coming summer, the first smartphone as a result of this joint collaboration will be available with carriers.

Intel didn’t have much success in tablet and smartphone industry so far because it’s processor consume a lot of power. However, Intel has worked on it’s ability to produce powerful processors which consume lot less power.

Intel has been into difficulties ever since the PC sales slowed worldwide. However, if Intel could furnish chips that can match those of ARM, the prevalent chip-maker in the mobile market, Intel may get an advantage. Intel already is on safe grounds because it  has sold the patents of it’s processor designs to different companies and gets a handsome royalty from each of them. The question, however, is how relevant Intel will be in a world which now prefers tablet and smartphone over PC.

Image courtesy aleutia.

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