China Becomes The Largest Smartphone Market, US On Second Place

For long, United States has been the primary focus of most vendors of mobile devices. That is because the country has been the largest smartphone and tablet market for a long time. However, China has taken that crown away by surpassing U.S. and becoming the largest iOS and Android market.

China mobile market

The switch in the positions of the two countries took place in January this year. Over the last one year, the U.S. market has added 55 million new smart devices. However, China has added three times as many devices, bringing in 150 million new devices to grab the top position on the list.

At the current growth rate, which is very rapid when it comes to China, research firm Flurry estimates that by the end of this month, China will have nearly 246 million smart devices whereas U.S. will stand at 230 million such devices.

Moreover, given the sheer population of China, Flurry estimates that the country is in lead, there is no chance that any other country is going to beat it in term of numbers. In other words, China’s position as the largest smart devices market is permanent.

Interestingly, UK stands at the third position with 43 million smart devices to its name, followed by South Korea which boasts some 30 million smart devices. Some analysts have cited that India has a sizable population which may help it pose significant competition to China’s supremacy as the largest smart devices market. But as it is, the Indian market has only 19 million smart devices at present, and even if it grows rapidly, it will take more than a decade to come brushing against China’s numbers.

As China emerges as the winner, mobile vendors are increasingly shifting their attention to the country. With hundreds of millions of wireless subscribers in the country, the likes of Apple are already cognizant that if they can tap into China’s market, they can significantly bolster their revenues.

Source: Flurry

Courtesy: Apple Insider

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