Droid get update with Android 2.2

Now Droid update with Android 2.2 confirms by Verizon and Droid incredible hits today….

Today HTC’s Droid Incredible for Verizon is getting boosted from Android 2.1 to Android 2.2.It could make plenty of owners and plenty of non-owners who have been unable to find any stock for the past couple months at all.Featurs are pre-installed Flash 10.1, 720p video recording, mobile hotspot support as first introduced for Verizon on the Droid X, and naturally, all the other standard greatness you have expect with Froyo.

Android 2.2 Droid Incredible Update:

  • Improved Web browsing with pre-installed Adobe® Flash® Player 10.1 for Android.
  • Support for 720p video recording. Transfer data faster with 801.11n Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Easily switch between the eight most recent applications. Enhanced browser performance for faster loading of JavaScript heavy pages.
  • A screen that works for you and your apps. With Android 2.2, you can rotate your screen 270 degrees–either to the left or to the right when moving from portrait to landscape mode–to work with apps in more directions.
  • A new Mail Stream widget increases ease of use. Text Message Widget.
  • The new text message widget offers fast access to your messages from the home screen with a quick swipe. Scroll up and down through the list of all your text conversations in one screen.
  • Keep the conversation going, faster. + Automatic app updates.
  • Always have the latest versions of the applications you’ve downloaded with automatically updated Android Market™ apps.
  • And you can choose to store applications in your device’s memory or on a storage card for more capacity.

Improvement of Specs:

  • Updated software changes provide improved security.
  • Improved battery life.
  • Manage Contacts more efficiently with updated contact details.
  • Instantly know the strength of your signal with improved signal display.
  • Connect to Visual Voicemail when Wi-Fi is enabled.
  • Easily move between Today view and Agenda view in the Calendar application.
  • Additional support for Backup AssistantSM PIN retrieval for new accounts.
  • Play Visual Voicemail messages through speakers when connected
  • to Bluetooth car kit.
  • Keep track of music with organized Music Player application.
  • Updated People application to accommodate contacts with
  • Facebook accounts.
  • Access Corporate Directory information on Microsoft Exchange.
  • Save new contacts with “Save to People” option for Visual Voicemail.
  • Call a number back immediately from text messages.
  • Improved CityID application.

We think that this uodate will take couple of weeks to roll on to everyone.We all are search frantically for an update.zip file to update Droid Incredible.

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  1. KzooGrad

    Does this “update” fix the ghost sent mail folder for AOL accounts??? i.e. Will a copy of sent emails using an AOL account be saved on the phone AND the server?

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