FCC Gives The Nod To Huawei Ascend W1

Huawei has been trying to break its entry into the Windows Phone 8 space with its Ascend W1 handset. We caught a glimpse of Huawei Ascend W1 during the CES 2013 event. Soon it may land in the U.S. soon, because the regulatory body, FCC, has approved the handset.

Huawei Ascend W1

Huawei conventionally launches most of its handsets in regions such as India, China and Russia. Very few of the company’s offerings have hit the shelves in the U.S. In the case of Ascend W1, it seems that Huawei intends to bring the handset to the truly international audience.

The FCC filing essentially showed that the company has plans of a U.S. launch of the device. And now that the regulatory authorities have given the green signal, we may see it happen sometime during the second quarter of this year.

However, it remains to be seen how successful Huawei Ascend W1 will be in an international market, and especially in the U.S. As it is, the handset features fairly modest specifications and doesn’t even come with 4G LTE connectivity. You can use HSDPA connectivity on it though.

There is the possibility that Huawei may market the device in the U.S. under the brand name of Net10. It would be positioned as a low-end Windows Phone 8 handset and we are expecting that the price tag will be accordingly low. For those trying to get a taste of Windows Phone 8 without dishing out a locking of money, the handset may actually be a good choice.

Courtesy: WMPowerUser

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