First Ever 4G Windows Phone Is Coming In US Market

Nokia has finally announced the date of the release of first-ever 4G Windows Phone in US Market. According to Nokia, the phone will be launched on January 17 and users can register online already. The carrier which comes with the deal is T-Mobile. And for those who may be unhappy with Android and iPhone prices, this one comes with a price as low as a mere $49.99.

Key features of the phone:
Nokia has apparently worked hard on this phone. And it shows a good step ahead from the earlier models of Windows Phone by Nokia. The phone with a number of features which, although not entirely unique when compared to the other smartphones in the industry, are still the first-ever offering on a Windows Phone.

Personal assistant:
If you are looking for a copy of Siri, no that’s not what this personal assistant does. This personal assistant, as Nokie claims, can look up your ¬†contacts, let you search things in the phone, get a turn-by-turn traffic guidance and find addresses that you require – and the phone does that really quickly for you, interpreting your voice.

Familiar, easy user interface:
Nokia is also cashing in upon the huge base of Windows users on PC. By saying that now you can use Internet Explorer and Bing, ‘just like you do on your PC’ is an attempt to tap into this base of Windows users. And this can actually work and maybe spell success for Microsoft’s smartphone ventures.

The casing is a real hard one, well-protecting the phone from any bumps and bruises. And finally, the 4G in itself is a huge incentive for most users, offering the fastest connectivity on your mobile.

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