Fujitsu Plans To Launch Mobile Devices In Europe

Fujitsu has long been hailed as the top IT services vendor in Japan and it’s devices have been a wild hit in Japan. According to report, Fujitsu has about 20% share of the Japanese handset and tablet market. Some of the ultra-thin, super-powerful devices by Fujitsu are such that they may give many top smartphone devices in the West a run for cover. And apparently, such a time is close as Fujitsu has announced it’s plan to launch it’s products in European markets soon.

Apparently, the company is well aware of the potential of it’s products. It stated that it is looking forward to a ‘double-digit’ mobile market share in Europe in the next three to five years. This clearly speaks of the ambitious plans Fujitsu has up it’s sleeves.

As if to take things step by step, the company is all set to unveil some awesome smartphone devices during the Mobile World Congress. These devices may well take the carriers in the US and Europe region by storm since the specs of Fujitsu devices are said to match those of Apple and top Android devices.

So far, the problem with the launch of Fujitsu devices in US have been carrier-related. The company claims that it hasn’t been able to reach suitable agreement with US carriers. But now, it seems like Fujitsu has struck some deal with European carriers or is at the verge of striking one. For the users who are wondering what wonderful features these Fujitsu devices pack, a hint is that these devices come with biometric security, NFC and LTE.

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