Galaxy S III Sales Spike After iPhone 5 Launch

Samsung has been having a good run with its flagship Galaxy S III Android phone for a while. The company feared that once Apple would unveil iPhone 5, that may take a bite out of Galaxy S III’s sales. Rather unexpectedly, the sales of the device have grown ever further after iPhone 5’s release.

Samsung galaxy s3, Image Credit: Samsung

Even before the launch of iPhone 5, Samsung was touting Galaxy S III as its best-selling smartphone of all time. Packing a whole host of features and top-of-the-range hardware together with a mesmerizing, large display, Galaxy S III sure does pack a lot of punch for those seeking beauty and brains in a phone.

The company has now revealed that after the launch of iPhone 5, Galaxy S III had four of its five best-selling weeks. This is very intriguing since the only reason for this would be that when Apple unveiled iPhone 5, a lot of prospective buyers of the smartphone were disappointed and finally decided to go with Galaxy S III instead. That may explain the spike in S III’s sales after the launch of iPhone 5.

While Galaxy S III is the winning horse for Samsung right now, the company is in no way banking on this device alone to succeed in the mobile arena. It has also recently released Galaxy Note 2, yet another of truly enrapturing devices which comes with an ultra-bright display and is poised to become another of Samsung’s successful revenue streams.

Although the company has already launched the device, it threw a high-profile party in Manhattan recently to generate enough Buzz about Note II.

Courtesy: CNET

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