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Sprint Preparing Releases Of Branded Handsets Based On The Galaxy S II

The Samsung Galaxy S II – one of the most anticipated Android phones that still hasn’t reared its head on this side of the world yet might be on its way to Sprint. Sprint (and other US carriers) are preparing releases of branded handsets based on the Galaxy S II, Samsung’s well-equipped successor to the Galaxy S that’s been circulating Europe for a few months.

The folks over at This Is My Next managed to get their hands on some photographs showing what appears to be a Samsung Galaxy S II phone that’s been branded with the Sprint logo. The phone may be running on Android 2.3.4 out of the box – which means Google Talk video chat will be possible right out of the box (yay). Other than that, details for the phone are scarce, but This Is My Next predicts a launch within the next few days or weeks.

The country is expecting Samsung to release a Galaxy S II for each carrier like it did with the first generation Galaxy S phones, this is the first time there’s been solid evidence of it actually happening.

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