Galaxy S4 Bursts Into Flames, Burns Down An Entire House

In the past, numerous reports of cellphone bursting due to overheating have surfaced. In Hong Kong, however, things went to an altogether different level when a man reported that his Galaxy S4 suddenly burst into flames and ended up burning down his entire house.

Galaxy S4

The person who reported the incident stated that he was using his Galaxy S4 handset while it was on charge. Suddenly, the handset exploded and leapt into flames. To save his hands from being burnt, he threw down the handset on the couch which immediately caught fire.

The fire then spread to the nearby curtains and soon was out of control. Mr. Du, the person who reported the incident, barely escaped the flames together with his wife and dogs. The firefighters were soon on their way, but before they could control the fire, it had already destroyed all the appliances and furniture in the house.

It is as yet unclear as to what exactly caused the incident. In most such cases in the past, the key reason for a cellphone overheating and bursting has been the use of inauthentic accessories from random vendors. Mr. Du claims that he had an original Galaxy S4 and all the accompanying accessories were also original, but this claim is hard to substantiate now that half his house has burned down to ash.

However, after looking into other details accompanying the incident, the fire department has stated that there are no ‘suspicious circumstances’ which suggest that Mr. Du’s narrative is accurate.

Courtesy: PC Mag

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