PlayStation/PSP Phone Prototype Has Leaked

Engadget have got their hands on a prototype PlayStation PSP phone which you all have been waiting for.It has been rumored as Sony’s next big move in handhelds.PlayStation Phone by Sony Ericsson which is expected to hit retail shelves somewhere between the end of 2010, and early 2011.

The device, shown in the image above, is reportedly expected to run Android 3.0 with a Sony app Marketplace.The device will sport a 1Ghz processor, 512MB RAM, 1GB ROM, a MicroSD slot, with a screen size in the range of 3.7-inch to 4.1-inch. It will also feature a long touchpad in the center in addition to all the standard buttons found on a PlayStation controller.

There also appears to be support for microSD cards. While the device is reported to be “rather buggy”, this is definitely a good sign for those with high hopes for Sony’s smartphone entrant.


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