Google Maps For Android To Add Detailed Location History

Google has been trying to develop a lot of products at the same time. As of now, they have been putting more effort than ever to develop both Chrome and Android. While the browser is already a huge success, the mobile OS is yet to achieve a lot. Android was one of the most anticipated products Google has ever offered.

Google Maps For Android To Add Detailed Location History

Developers all over the world along with cell phone manufacturers were waiting for it but it seemed that it had more issues than prospected at first glance. Since then, Google has been trying to fix it constantly. The app manufacturers have also complained for its inconsistency which accounts for very little number of standard apps for Android.

This lead to constant development and more phones were coming to the market that can take the advantage of these features. During this current shortage of apps, Google has announced a new Google Maps app, version 5.3 for Android with some new cool features.

This version is an update over the previous one. It now has Location History dashboard. Other associated features are checking in at home and adding new categories for rating places. This version allows you to track such details as: the time spent at places, how far they have traveled, etc.

Google understands the value of privacy so the information is private only to the user. However, you can choose to share this information too. There are options to choose and to share this information with the people you want.

There is no way for an outsider to know the location of your home or to pinpoint it. Google Places with Hotspot feature now allows you to add custom categories besides the pre-made ones. You can download this app for free if your phone is equipped with Android 1.6 or higher.

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