HP May Launch A Smartphone Of Its Own Next Week

HP was once included among the league of smartphone vendors but then the company’s offerings failed miserably and it quit. Now, reports have it that the company is planning to launch a new smartphone of its own as soon as next week.

HP smartphone

HP’s experiences in the smartphone arena haven’t exactly been great. The last handsets that the company offered years ago tanked so bad that HP had to pull out of the smartphone industry entirely. But being a PC vendor, HP knows that the future of profitable computing businesses is pretty much dependent upon its mobile presence. In a way, HP has to inevitably retry its luck with mobile devices.

And that is precisely what HP plans to do. The company has apparently readied a fairly affordable Android handset which will be aimed at prepaid and emerging markets. Although exact specifications of this handset are unknown, industry sources have estimated that it will be a 6-inch device featuring a 720p display.

With a $200 price tag, that is certainly not a bad deal. But we will have to see what specifications HP packs under the hood of this phone. The news don’t exactly come as a surprise because in the past, HP executives have clearly stated that launching a smartphone is a ‘when’ and not an ‘if’ question for the company. In other words, HP had plans of relaunching itself into the smartphone arena all along.

With some analysts predicting that HP’s new offering may be unveiled next week, we will be in a better position to see how good is the handset once it is publicly available. In any way, given that the handset will be running Android, it will at least not be as big a failure as the earlier phones saw.

Courtesy: 9to5google

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