HTC Merge Emerges On Verizon

HTC Merge 360-degree view appears and quickly disappears from Verizon’s site.HTC Merge is the high-end smartphone that was rumored not too long ago to be set to land on the market as the successor of DROID Incredible at Verizon Wireless and has been spotted in the Cellebrite…….

A Verizon HTC Merge/HTC Incredible “Cabaret” device is expected to be launched on Thursday, November 18th, which can be seen as a clear indicator that the handset in question is the long rumored new “Incredible” smartphone.Moreover, the device is called “HTC Droid Merge,” and is said to be a world phone, which comes in line with previous leaks on the matter.

Verizon has included its high-end Android-based smartphones in a series called DROID, and the new HTC Merge should join that family of devices too, even if some suggested it might not do so.The news on this event, which comes from Droid-Life, is complemented by the apopearance of this device in the Cellebrite system, all pointing to a very near launch of the handset on Verizon Wireless’ network.


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