Leaked Photos Show BlackBerry X10 (N-Series) Handset In Operation

Yet another image leak of a BlackBerry 10 device! The new images show a bar phone with QWERTY keyboard in operation. The device is believed to be falling under N-series, though branded as BlackBerry X10.

BlackBerry X10 N Series-2
BlackBerry X10 N Series-3

The new revelations came from N4BB.com couple of days ago. The images show the X10 both from the front and back. The first image shows the X10 with BlackBerry 10 home screen. The second image shows the menu of BlackBerry 10 OS. The third image shows the back of the device with a camera and LED flash.

From the date visible on the welcome screen of the phone, it seems the images were taken on December 27, 2012.
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Source: N4BB

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