Leaked Samsung Galaxy S IV Screenshots Confirm Smart Scroll Rumors

We recently reported that according to a NYT article, Samsung is readying the option of eye-controlled scroll which will allegedly be included in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV smartphone. A few leaked screenshots of Galaxy S IV, revealed by Sam Mobile, tend to corroborate this claim.

Samsung Smart Scroll

Eye-controlled navigation is apparently being called ‘Smart scroll’ in Samsung-lingo. The feature essentially allows you to scroll through text simply by moving your eyes up and down. This is accomplished through the camera that sits on the front of the handset and detects your eyes’ movement.

In the past too, Samsung has gone to great lengths to add unique software features into its smartphones. For instance, the last flagship Galaxy offering, Samsung Galaxy S III, included a whole host of such features.

The leaked screenshots of Galaxy S IV also reveal that the handset may pack a ‘Smart pause’ feature which automatically pauses a video when you look away from the screen. This feature, in particular, is quite successful in piquing our interest and if indeed Samsung includes it in the upcoming smartphone, it may prove quite popular.

However, we still have to wait till March 14th to confirm or refute these rumors and speculations. Samsung is expected to lift the wraps off its new smartphone in an event on the said date and we are surely looking forward to quite a few surprises.

Source: SamMobile

Courtesy: Engadget

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