Acer Launched Liquid Metal Android 2.2 Smartphone

Acer has officially announced its Liquid Metal Android 2.2 smartphone with a number of improvements over the original Liquid models. It will be on sale in the middle of November.

The Acer Liquid Metal will be available in two colors — brown and silver. The brown version will arrive first, in mid-November and then the silver will follow in early-December. As for price, expect to pay £299.

The phone will carry 3.6-inch display, be wrapped in metal, and have curved top and bottom edges. It will run Google’s Froyo of Android and will utilize a Qualcomm 800 MHz processor, similar to that found on the HTC Desire Z and the T-Mobile G2 for the U.S. market. Additionally, the Liquid Metal will also have a WiFi b/g/n radio, support for 14 Mbps HSDPA networks, and a 5-megapixel camera with flash and 720p HD video recording. DLNA is also supported and Acer has also included Dolby support, like on the Nokia N8. Tethering is also supported out of the box.

Although the phone will come with the native Android launcher and menu, Acer will also ship the phone with its ‘Breeze’ front-end that makes accessing applications easier, including viewing information even when the phone is locked. The company also supplies its SocialJogger app to aggregate content from Facebook and Twitter feeds.

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