LG And Huawei Put Firefox OS Phone Silently At MWC 2013

You may know that Alcatel and ZTE have already announced their Firefox OS handsets. On the other hand we know that LG and Huawei are two of the other manufactures who are also working with Mozilla to bring Firefox OS handsets. Though LG and Huawei haven’t made any official announcements about it, the devices have been found at the MWC 2013.

The above image you see is a Firefox OS based phone from Huawei and the below image is of LG’s Firefox OS based phone.

There was no mention about the specs, availability or price of either devices. But the size of the screen of both phones hint that the handsets are slightly higher-end model than the other Firefox phones seen so far.

Source: CNET
Image Credit: Sarah Tew (CNET)

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