Sprint Galaxy Nexus One Step Closer – Google Launches Sign-up Page

Users have been very anxiously awaiting the launch of the flagship Android device, Galaxy Nexus, to launch on Sprint. It had been confirmed earlier that Nexus will definitely launch with Sprint but we weren’t given any definite schedule. However, Google recently put online a sign-up page for users who may be interested in the device as soon as it launches with Sprint. With Sprint, Galaxy Nexus will be coming with nearly all the features it has with Verizon, and some additional cookies too. Read further to know what are these.

With the launch of Galaxy Nexus, Sprint will be launching the first ever LTE device. The interesting thing is that Nexus, with Sprint, comes with all the features Verizon Galaxy Nexus has – an excellent 4.65 inch screen and high-end specs. And not only that, the device will also have the additional feature of Google Wallet. This service is unavailable with Verizon. While we don’t yet have the exact date when Sprint plans to release the device, it was said earlier that the device will be in in the middle of this year.

To sign up for the device, head to this Google page right away!

Image courtesy Sham Hardy.

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    Galaxy Nexus is the wonderful android device. comming soon with new features 

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