MoBubble: Location Based Real-Time Mobile Marketplace

MoBubble, is essentially an app-based version of Craigslist that works based on the location you’re in. Users advertise their goods or services based on where they’re currently situated by the location tracking. This makes easier for people to locate where they are and communicate with others.

Here one is able to list his goods or services, the app has a built-in messaging and payment system, as well as a reputation, rating and feedback system. Unlike Craigslist where everything is sold pretty much anonymously, the better your services/goods are, the better your reputation can be, which leads to increased transactions in the future.

The built in communication system should make contacting clients more efficient – since it is a smartphone app, people will probably be able to reply instantaneously. If you’re interested, visit the official MoBubble website to sign up for the beta testing program
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