New 3D Browser For Windows Phone 7 – SurfCube

Kinabalu Innovation Ltd have just released new 3D browser for Windows Phone 7.“The browser fills the entire screen, and the controls are placed on the sides of a cube which can be rotated in 3D with your finger or by flicking the phone itself,” the app is described on its page in the wp7applist.

The SurfCube browser user interface is positioned on five sides of a virtual cube, above the center is a URL address bar and a favorites list, below this is a tab view, that is still currently under development and to the left of the Web page viewer is the browser’s history view and to the right, the settings panel.

The SurfCube browser comes with a nice range of appealing features, including:

– Supports landscape and portrait orientation
– Orientation lock allows you to read in any position you like (on the bed for example)
– Private mode for when you want to buy gifts for your spouse 🙂
– Can run under the lock screen so returning after being powered off is instantaneous
– History and favorites to help finding that website again
– Bandwidth saver mode – even for websites that don’t have a mobile mode, you can save a lot of bandwidth, making downloads faster and filling your download quota slower. Even images can be turned off for a truly fast and low cost browsing!

SurfCube Browser is now available to download from the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace for $1.99.

Checkout the video below.


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