Motorola Confirms The Existence Of Moto X Smartphone

In the recent past, we have frequently heard rumors of a certain ‘Moto X’ smartphone which, it was speculated, was being readied by Motorola. Until now, Moto X seemed little more than a figment of imagination. But now, Motorola’s CEO, Dennis Woodside, has confirmed the existence of such a smartphone.

Dennis Woodside

Speaking at the AllThingsD D11 conference recently, Woodside revealed that during his very interview, he had the Moto X handset in his pocket. However, he refused to reveal the smartphone to the public, evidently because the company is still working on it.

Woodside further revealed rather ambitious plans, citing that Motorola will soon be revamping its entire smartphone line-up. As far as the Moto X is concerned, he assured that the handset will be released some time between now and October.

It is indeed good to note that Motorola is indeed working on something original. After its acquisition by Google, many had expressed concerns that the company may no longer be able to innovate on its own. Woodside debunked this by stating that Motorola was still an independent entity and that apart from support from certain Google departments, Motorola made the decisions on its own.

During the course of his interview, Woodside also revealed that Motorola is currently working on a number of innovative projects, such as wearable tattoos and user-authentication pills. In this regard, he stated, “Having the boldness to think differently about problems people have every day is a new mindset.” The dream, Woodside cited, was to bring back the days of glory when Motorola was at the head of tech innovation. Let’s see how far the company succeeds in making this happen.

Courtesy: CNET

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