MWC 2012: Windows Phone Tango Brings Voice Notes and Improved MMS

This year’s edition of Mobile World Congress is a very good opportunity for the companies to show off its new technologies and for tech oriented journalists to dismiss or to confirm rumors that captured everyone attention lately. When it comes to Microsoft’s new update of Windows Phone 7.5, nicknamed Tango, the software comes as confirmation of what analysts predicted, but also with a few intriguing features and limitations.

The Windows Phone 7.5 is designed to run on Qualcomm 7×27 processors and it needs 256 MB of RAM. Microsoft announces good news for budget conscious customers as Tango enables low cost phones, such as the recently introduced to the market Window Phones from Nokia and ZTE.

Nokia Lumia 610 and ZTE Orbit are expected to reach into the hands of the users until summer, at convenient prices. For instance Nokia 610 will come with a price tag of $250. When it comes to features, Tango promises to deliver MMS capabilities. This feature has been enhanced compared with earlier versions, meaning that it handles videos far better and it also introduces a newly added voice notes feature which allows one minute of audio recording.

In addition, the recently unveiled ZTE Orbit includes support for Near Filed Technology, which means a first for a Windows Phone version. However, due to the new features and hardware requirements, the developers are encouraged to thoroughly test their apps before submitting them to the designated marketplace.

With the recently of the latest version of Windows Phone very appealing for the low end segment of the market and the new availability of the app Marketplace for 22 new markets (Bahrain, Bulgaria, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, Ukraine, Venezuela and Vietnam) the developers who create apps for Windows Phone have a great opportunity ahead of them.

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