New Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Commercial – Pwnage

Sony Ericsson has launched an interesting set of new commercials to promote its new Android-based smartphone, the Xperia PLAY. The commercial has been dubbed as “Pwnage”. Previously it has also launched some few commercial.

The commercials feature Kristen Schaal, the obsessed and crazy fan “Mel” on Flight of the Conchords. The ads are garnering favorable attention from many who say they are original, quirky and hilarious. In the commercials, Schaal highlights the main features of the phone, including its downloading, kitten-watching, spreadsheet-editing functions.

What may be surprising for some, is the fact that sexual innuendos as well as foul language has been used in these adverts.

A little excerpt:

The controls are faster, I can actually see the bastard. She’s right there and she has low self-esteem. Before she takes notice, I’m stabbing her in the boob. Do you feel that boob stabbed? I can feel it either ‘coz my boobs are so big.

Checkout the video below.

That’s not all. A total of five adverts have been released that are equally twisted in style and content, and all of them can be viewed at Sony Ericsson’s YouTube channel.

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