Nokia N9 Gets Android 4.0.3 As A Result Of Project Mayhem

Last month, a video did rounds on the web in which Android 4.0 was being shown to run on Nokia N9. It seems that this is actually happening now. There is an unofficial alpha version of Android 4.0.3 for Nokia N9 that is now publicly available for download. The direct download link is provided below.

Nokia N9 is a sleek 3.9-inch handset and has pretty much all the features that would make it compatible for Ice Cream Sandwich. This is precisely the handset that eventually inspired Nokia to develop the flagship line of Lumia smartphones.

The exciting news for Nokia N9 users is that now, they can use ICS on their devices. What they will require is to get the release from NITDroid and install it on their devices. Once the OS is installed, it runs fairly smoothly on the handset.

Most of the core functions of the device are pretty much available and functional with ICS. Moreover, you also get to choose the OS you wish to boot with after powering on the device. This latest development pretty much shows that despite hardware difference between different handsets, the Android OS is quite portable and can fairly accommodate to a wide breadth of handsets.

You can head straight to NITDroid here and download the release.

Image courtesy Sapiens.

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