Pre-Order Page Of Nokia Lumia 900 Removed From Web

Nokia Lumia 900 has made a lot of headlines lately. The sleek design of this phone and the specs make it the best Windows Phone that is about to be released. Many are anxiously anticipating the launch. One of the probable retailers of Lumia 900, Carphone Warehouse, put up a page online which asked the users to place their pre-orders for the device. It  claimed that the device will be released in June 2012. However, the page was taken down today. Is it because the release date was revealed by mistake?

Usually, such gaffes in the tech world accidentally reveal launch dates and other such information. Although the page has been pulled offline, we have reason to believe that this may either be an accidental revelation by Carphone Warehouse. Or perhaps there was some kind of mistake in the page and the retailer had to take it off. Whatever the reason, we were already expecting the device to land for sale in mid-2012. And now this somehow re-affirms the estimation.

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