AT&T Palm Pre Plus and 3G MicroCell available nationwide on May 16

You’ve waited long enough AT&T customers. The time is so long that the Palm Pre is now the Palm Pre Plus and Palm, well, isn’t even Palm anymore. But you just never mind all that, what’s important is that AT&T subscribers will finally have dibs on the Palm Pre Plus starting May 16th, nationwide. No mention of a free 3G mobile hotspot capability like that offered by Verizon, but you will have free access to AT&T’s 20k-strong network of fixed hotspots. Now we just need a price — an interesting dilemma after VZW lowered the PPP to just $30 on contract.

Our tipster also tells us that AT&T will be rolling out its 3G MicroCell from coast-to-coast on the same day. Makes sense since AT&T already gave us a mid-April date for its little signal boosting wonder.

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