Samsung Galaxy S III Will Not Be Released On March 22

Samsung’s Galaxy S III is a smartphone that has been eagerly waited for by pretty much millions of Android users. It is supposed to be the next great thing from Samsung. But so far, there is no word as to when the device will be launched. Earlier, the rumors had it that S III will be released on March 22. But now Samsung has officially debunked this rumor and has said that the smartphone will be launched in an exclusive event dedicated to it. What we do know is that the event is to happen within the first half of 2012.

Samsung has officially stated that Samsung Galaxy S III will not be part of the event on March 22. Rather, the company stated that the device will have an exclusive event of it’s own. Galaxy S III, as per it’s specifications, is one of the neatest pieces of hardware that will come our way this year.

It is one of the thinnest smartphone devices this year, having a bare 7-mm thickness. But this slim smartphone packs a very awesome experience. It has a Super AMOLED Plus display and a quadcore processor. Moreover, it comes with a fine 8-megapixel camera and full HD video recording. It also features LTE and HDMI output.

The availability of LTE feature has made some analysts speculate that maybe Samsung will debut the device at North America first. But this, then, would not be in line with Samsung’s last two devices. For now, we have no official word on the release date of the device but this sure is a smartphone worth waiting for.

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