Samsung Launches Omnia M Windows Phone

Samsung hasn’t been very keen on rolling out Windows Phone devices given the fact that its Android devices have been a great success so far. However, just to have a Windows Phone portfolio, it has been intent on at least makings its presence known in the Windows Phone market. Working on that philosophy, Samsung has now released yet another low-end Windows Phone device, Omnia M.

The device is naturally intended for low-end customers since it comes with some very modest specifications. For instance, with 1 GHz of processor, it features a mere 384MB of RAM, something which may well put off a lot of users.

Other specifications of Omnia M include a 4-inch Super AMOLED display and 4GB of storage space. Moreover, there is a 5-megapixel camera on the rear  and also a VGA camera on the front to enable video-chat. Samsung’s chief focus, with the launch of the device, seems to be to pitch it to the common users as a device which lets them indulge in social interactions online with ease and convenience.

The official post about Omnia M reads, “Keeping up with your social life is easier, fun, and more interactive than ever with the Omnia M. Family Story,Samsung’s cloud-based family network, can be downloaded to let users share family messages, videos and photo slide-shows on a virtual bulletin-board with other Samsung devices. Samsung’s ChatON communication service connects you and users from any phone platform into a single community, enabling spontaneous group chatting and messaging—whether with text, animations or images—in seconds.”

While Samsung is boasting a whole plethora of other features, the fact that it has a very modest outlook and features may reign heavily on its future.

Source: Samsung

Courtesy: The Verge

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